About BuyRcBathSalts
We have been one of the leaders in natural body care,supply of bathsalts and rc products. In addition to the family of brands we sells in over 4,000 retailers around the world we also manufacture products for countless other brands. 
All our products contain No Parabens, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Formaldehyde and No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
We strive to provide products of the highest quality and purity. 
At BuyRC Bath Salts, we are dedicated to bringing you The Essence of Well-Being.
We manufacturer all our body care, bath salts,RC and skin care bases in house to the highest possible quality standards. Share in our vision of a natural future for this planet and its people.
Quality Control
The quality of our products is what we derive so much pride.
Quality is the best you can find.