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Substituted cathinones,like 4-methylethcathinone and 3,4-dimethylmethcathinone are psychoactive compounds that may be used as designer drugs.1 3-Methylethcathinone (hydrochloride) is a substituted cathinone with potential for abuse. Its biological properties have not been elucidated.

Known as 3-MEC, 3-Methylethcathinon is a stimulant of the Amphetamine and phenethylamine classes, and is similar in structure to Mephedrone.

Offered as a crystal for comparable research, We sells 3-MEC in its purest available form (99% ), sourced from the world’s leading manufacturer. It is worth checking your local laws before ordering.

3-MEC is sold for in vitro research purposes only. It is not intended for human consumption.