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2-Aminoindane (2-AI) is a psychoactive drug and research chemical with stimulant properties. It is an analogue of amphetamine.

2-AI, or 2-Aminoindane, is a structural analogue of amphetamine. It features the R3 terminal carbon of the propane chain of amphetamine bound to the benzene ring.

Physical effects
Stimulation – In terms of its effects on the physical energy levels of the user, 2-AI is usually considered to be energetic and stimulating in a fashion that is similar to that of amphetamine but stronger than that of modafinil or caffeine. It is similar yet distinct from the stimulation experienced on MDMA, encouraging physical activities such as dancing, socializing, running, or cleaning.

Pain relief – Many anecdotal reports suggest that this compound may suppress pain in a fashion somewhat similar to opioids without the distinct physical euphoria.
Increased heart rate
Appetite suppression
Temporary erectile dysfunction
Increased perspiration
Teeth grinding – This component can be considered to be less intense when compared with that of MDMA.

Visual effects
Acuity enhancement

2-AI is sold for research purposes only and is not be utilized for any other purposes

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