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Substituted cathinones,like 4-methylethcathinone and 3,4-dimethylmethcathinone are psychoactive compounds that may be used as designer drugs.1 3-Methylethcathinone (hydrochloride) is a substituted cathinone with potential for abuse. Its biological properties have not been elucidated.

Known as 3-MEC, 3-Methylethcathinon is a stimulant of the Amphetamine and phenethylamine classes, and is similar in structure to Mephedrone.

Offered as a crystal for comparable research, We sells 3-MEC in its purest available form (99% ), sourced from the world’s leading manufacturer. It is worth checking your local laws before ordering.

3-MEC is sold for in vitro research purposes only. It is not intended for human consumption.

15 reviews for 3-MEC

  1. Alex

    Mi primera vez que usé “3-MEC” lo compré en otro sitio web y realmente no disfruté de la calidad, después de quejarme a un amigo y él me recomendó este sitio. La calidad es excepcional.
    Estoy muy agradecido


  2. Dylan

    3-MEC is my 3rd product buying from this website , the qualities has always been of standard .
    Amazing job from the admin of this great website .

  3. Bruce

    Always been an issue getting a quality 3-MEC , months now until i came across this wonderful website .

    Thanks to the admin , i really like the quality of your products.


  4. Thomas

    Thanks for the order , so pleased with the quality .

  5. Tim

    Merci, ceci est ma 1ère commande de ce magasin payant avec bitcoin et très satisfaite de la qualité.



  6. Sharon

    Thanks it’s my 2nd order here and realized the products selling in this store are of high quality .


  7. Judge

    This store can be trusted ,i have proof .

  8. Ferdinand

    Thanks for your honesty , your products are all of high quality and fast delivery .
    This making my 3rd products buying from your store , you are simply the best.


  9. Daniel

    Merci Alex, ton commentaire m’a motivé


  10. Kevin

    Thanks for the 3-MEC , do enjoy the quality .


  11. Douglas

    Thanks for the order , one of the best had here . The 3-MEC is 98% purity .


  12. Jones

    Thanks for the order, and very pleased with the 3-MEC. The delivery was very fast .


  13. Joe

    Thanks for the order and very pleased with it .


  14. Ron

    Thanks for the order and so pleased with the 3-MEC .


  15. Macron

    Perfect and professional treatment, fast. There was an error in the order for lack of existence and I was refunded the money. Very serious and responsible company.


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