4-CMC Glass

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4-Chloromethcathinone (also known as 4-CMC and Clephedrone) is a stimulant drug of the cathinone class that has been sold online as a designer drug.

4-Chloromethcathinone is sold for research purposes only and is not be utilized for any other purposes.

15 reviews for 4-CMC Glass

  1. Jones

    My first time to used ” 4-CMC Glass ” was bought from another website and i really didn’t enjoy the quality, after complaining to a friend and he recommended this website to me .The quality is outstanding .
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  2. Günter

    4-CMC Glass ist mein drittes Produkt, das auf dieser Website kauft. Die Qualitäten waren schon immer Standard.
    Tolle Arbeit vom Admin dieser großartigen Website.

  3. Javier

    J’ai toujours eu de la difficulté à obtenir un verre 4-CMC de qualité, des mois maintenant jusqu’à ce que je tombe sur ce site Web merveilleux.

    Grâce à l’administrateur, j’aime beaucoup la qualité de vos produits.

  4. Benson

    So happy with the quality of the 4-CMC Glass bought here, it been long time getting such a high quality 4-CMC Glass.

    Also very happy making payment with bitcoin.


  5. Jack

    Thanks , this is my 1st order from this store paying with bitcoin and very pleased with the quality.



  6. lucas

    Getting a quality 4-CMC Glass has always been a problem until i came across this online store .

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  7. Suny

    La première fois que je me suis servi de «4-CMC Glass» a été acheté sur un autre site Web et je n’ai vraiment pas apprécié la qualité, après s’être plaint à un ami et il m’a recommandé ce site Web. La qualité est exceptionnelle.
    Je suis si reconnaissant.


  8. Peter

    This is the best and most trusted online store.
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  9. Kurt

    Ich habe das erste Mal “4-CMC Glass” von einer anderen Website gekauft und die Qualität hat mir nicht gefallen, nachdem ich mich bei einem Freund beschwert habe und er mir diese Website empfohlen hat. Die Qualität ist hervorragend.
    Ich bin so großartig.


  10. Martin

    Thanks for the order and so pleased with it , 4-CMC Glas is of high standard .


  11. Hart

    Thanks for the order and so pleased with the 4-CMC Glass , this is my 4th order here and very pleased with it .

    First time making order and paying with bitcoin .

    Thanks ,


  12. BAILEY

    All thanks to the best online store I’ve ever seen. I made the payment through Bitcoin and received my “4-CMC Glass” in no time and of high quality, well packaged.
    I will always recommend this online store to anyone looking for quality products.


  13. Jamine

    First time making an order here online and received the product at the exact date i was told , really grateful with this store and thanks for the 4-CMC Glass .


  14. Philip

    3 star rating to this particular product , though good , but i really enjoy my first order here , 4-CMC Glass was of standard .


  15. Evans

    thanks, For 4-cmc-glass,really do enjoy the quality .


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