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4-Fluoroethylphenidate (commonly known as 4F-EPH) is a novel synthetic stimulant of the substituted phenethylamine and piperidine classes that produces long-lasting euphoric and stimulating effects associated with potent monoamine reuptake inhibitors when administered. It is a closely related structural analog of the commonly prescribed ADHD drug methylphenidate (known by the brand-names Ritalin and Concerta) as well as a designer drug analog ethylphenidate. Based on its similarities to other memebers of this class, it is speculated to exert its activity as some form of double or triple monoamine reuptake inhibitor.

Like other members of the substituted phenidate family, anecdotal reports suggest that 4F-EPH can be corrosive to the nasal cavities, albeit not to the degree of ethylphenidate.

Due to its potent, long-lasting stimulant effect, likely habit-forming properties as well as unknown short and long-term toxicity profile, it is strongly recommended that one use proper harm reduction practices if choosing to use this substance.

Physical effects
Appetite suppression
Increased heart rate
Increased blood pressure
Teeth grinding
Pupil dilation
Stamina enhancement – This component is much weaker than that of most other stimulants, such as methylphenidate and 4F-MPH.

4F-EPH is sold for research purposes only and is not be utilized for any other purposes

15 reviews for 4F-EPH

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