Aroma Green Giant

(17 customer reviews)

Top quality herbal incense.

This research chemical collector item contain

(RS)-ethyl 2-phenyl-2-piperidin-2-ylacetate

17 reviews for Aroma Green Giant

  1. Sylvester

    Thanks for your services , i got my product on time and the quality was more than expectation.
    I will keep buying ” Aroma Green Giant ” from your online store , i don’t think there is any other online store as good and this , i have recommended your website to almost all my friends .


  2. Pierre

    Je suis très heureux avec ce magasin, est certainement l’un des meilleurs magasins.
    Ils sont bien organisés et leurs produits sont de haute qualité.
    Merci ,


  3. Kevin

    Really pleased with this online store, simply the best and i will be making more order soon .

    Thanks ,


  4. Jerry

    So pleased with this Aroma Green Giant , has the best quality .


  5. CARL

    If you are looking for high quality “Aroma Green Giant ” this is best place to get . I have proof .


  6. Anthony

    Really pleased with the order . Thanks


  7. Jacob

    This is my 4th order here and very pleased with the quality . Sure to make more order .


  8. Tom

    Si heureux avec cet aroma Green Giant, a la meilleure qualité.


  9. Kevin

    Thanks for the order and so pleased with it .


  10. Mason

    Really grateful with the order and so pleased with the quality here .

    Thanks ,


  11. Tiger

    I am very happy with this store, is certainly one of the best stores.
    They are well organized and their products are of high quality.
    Thank you ,


  12. Phonix

    Aroma -Green-Giant , is a sweet and extremely fruity strawberries with a strong lemon note, I do appreciate the order i normally received from this store .

    Thanks ,


  13. Steven

    Aroma Green Giant is one of the finest Herbal Incense, i have always enjoy the quality every time i buy from this store .

    Thanks for the order .


  14. Tapon

    Really grateful with the satisfied , super quality .


  15. Muhammad

    The Aroma Green Giant received from this store , 5 star rating ,
    The Green Giant aromatic blend consists of the rarest light green leaf with a potency level that can only be described as GIANT! The fruity smelling aromatic mixture blows away the senses as you relax to the highest quality product on the market.

  16. Brandon

    Green Giant Incense lives up to its bold name. The creators of this powerful aroma wanted to make a product that is larger than the rest and they were successful to say the least! The Green Giant aromatic blend consists of the rarest light green leaf with a potency level that can only be described as GIANT!


  17. Jackson

    Both orders I have placed arrived within 2 days. Packaging was fantastic. I had a problem processing a BTC payment on the last order and they went out of their way to help get it resolved quickly. Plus, they were really nice to me in all the communications we had online while getting the payment sorted. I won’t be bothering to order from anyone else from now on. buyrcbathsalts is on top of their game! This is the first review I’ve ever given someone after a decade of ordering RCs. That’s how great of a job I think they are doing. Give them a shot!


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