C-Liquids 7ML

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We are happy to be able to start selling the a NEW C-Liquids in a Chemical Suspension opening up brand new and fun ways for resarching such Cannabinoids.

The NEW liquid contains a brand new cannabinoid called: 5F-MDMB-PINACA and only sold via a selcet few in the world

Currently we offer C-Liquids in many differant flavours and more to come. 7ML of chemical suspension is roughly the same as 6-7 grams of herbal blends.

C-Liquids 7ML is sold for research purposes only and is not be utilized for any other purposes.

Some of our NEW flavours include:

– Icy Mentol
– Skittles
– Blue Mist
– Aniseed
– Lemon
– Rhubarb & Custard
– Tobacco
– Heisenberg
– Creamy Caramel
– Blueberry

Additional information

Select flavours (Mix & Match)

Icy Menthol, Golden Virginia-Rolling Tobacco, Skittles, Heisenberg, Creamy Caramel, Blueberry, Blue Mist, Bubblegum, Tobacco, Aniseed, Rhubarb & Custard, Strawberry

16 reviews for C-Liquids 7ML

  1. Denis

    Gran calidad de C-Liquidos 7ML. Realmente satisfecho con la entrega eficiente.
    Independientemente de la entrega, lo más importante para mí fue la excelente calidad.

  2. Jonathan

    Another successful order from this amazing website , every reason to believe in you .
    The C-Liquids 7ML is of high quality and delivery was on time .
    Thanks ,

  3. Denis

    Grazie per la qualità, ho ricevuto i miei prodotti oggi.


  4. Bosco

    Thanks for the order, really impressed .


  5. Mike

    Thanks for the quality , i will recommend this store to my friends.


  6. Lory

    Danke für die Bestellung und sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität.


  7. Jason

    Most trusted online store for your research chemical , really grateful with the products .


  8. Jamin

    I will rate this store as the best of now , free and fast delivery , easy method of payment and best of quality in their products .
    Most trusted store at the moment .

    God bless the admin .


  9. Jules

    C’est la meilleure qualité C-Liquids 7ML que j’ai eue.
    Excellent produit, qualité fantastique. Fera beaucoup d’ordre dans un proche avenir.
    Mes respects à votre équipe qui a agi très vite.


  10. Jas

    Une autre commande réussie de ce site incroyable, toutes les raisons de croire en vous.
    Le C-Liquids 7ML est de haute qualité et le délai de livraison a été respecté.
    Merci ,


  11. hajajs

    Another successful order from this store and very pleased with the quality .
    Thanks ,


  12. Clark

    The C-Liquids-7ML, I got here is the finest quality products,fast same day shipping,100% safe delivery.
    Every member of my team really enjoy the product during our research .

    Thanks ,


  13. Plato

    Thanks for the C-Liquids 7ML , remember i got this product from one India base website and i was kind of disappointed with the quality ,until i came to know this store .

    Thanks ,


  14. Trim

    Thanks, got my C-Liquids 7ML today and so satisfied with the order .


  15. Navas

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  16. Richard

    Got my first order here today and so happy with the quality . The C-Liquids 7ML is of it purest form .
    Really do appreciate the customer service here , they were always here to put me through how to make payment with bitcoin.


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