Charge Plus

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Buyrcbathsalts provides Charge Plus in powder form and in branded packaging.

Charge Plus contains a blend of several however the active chemical is: Ethylphenidate (EP).

Research Chemicals such as Charge Plus are for research only. No human consumption!

11 reviews for Charge Plus

  1. Navas

    “Charge Plus ” just the product name alone sound positive , i will advise every one here to try this product , it’s my 4th time using it and with positive results , the quality is very high .

  2. Blaine

    Great website and most quality products. I will recommend this site to my friends.
    Thanks ,

  3. Leonel

    C’est la meilleure Charge Plus que j’ai achetée depuis longtemps, donc ravie de la qualité .


  4. Jim

    Thanks for the order , very pleased with the quality .


  5. Joe

    Got my order here today and very pleased with the quality . I will recommend this store to my friends .


  6. Mike

    Thanks for the order , really good .


  7. Moses

    Thanks for the order and also very pleased with this wonderful quality of Charge Plus .

    My favorite product here.


  8. Matic

    Really grateful with the order , one of the best had here online . The purity is above average .
    Thanks for the Charge Plus.


  9. Jarvis

    Charge Plus, thanks for the trust , got my order here on time and so pleased with it ,

  10. Ptereson

    This is my 2nd order receiving here in New Jersey , so satisfied with the quality , really do enjoy the Charge Plus .



  11. Delight

    Very fast delivery to only 3 working days, awesome. The quality of product is outstanding too.


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