Dr Buzz Pellets (New)

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Dr Buzz, these pellets contain 85mg 6-APB and 15mg Nutmeg!

6-APB is similar to MDA, and is part of the phenethylamine/amphetamine classes, and the effects said to range from euphoria through to increased energy and empathy towards others.

BRCShops.com offers Dr Buzz Pellets with the active amount of 6-APB set at 85mg per pellet. It is not sold for human consumption.

Please check our local laws before ordering as 6-APB is not legal everywhere. This product ships from the Netherlands.

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85mg Pellets

85mg Pellets

18 reviews for Dr Buzz Pellets (New)

  1. Frank

    This is the best quality Dr Buzz Pellets i have had.
    Great product, fantastic quality.
    My regards to your team that acted really fast.


  2. Wisom

    Thanks for the quality , please how do i get discount ?

  3. Diddier

    3rd products buying from this site and all of high quality.

  4. Tracy

    Got my first order today , was really doubting like any other person making payment for a product
    with bitcoin , first time to an online store.
    Thanks to my beautiful wife for given me the courage , this is just the best online store.


  5. Jules

    Merci pour la commande, ceci est ma 4ème commande de ce magasin et tout d’une très grande pureté.


  6. Dave

    Dr Buzz Pellets is my 3rd order from this store , the quality has always been very good.

    Thanks ,


  7. Godel

    Really satisfied with the ” Dr Buzz Pellets ” going make more order with bitcoin next week.


  8. Jonas

    Thanks for the order, this is my 4th order from this online store and has always been of high quality .


  9. Harwe

    Yes really so happy with the ” Dr Buzz Pellets “gotten from this store .


  10. Mike

    Thanks for the order , so pleased with it .


  11. Evra

    C’est la meilleure qualité que je connaisse de Dr Buzz Pellets.
    Excellent produit, qualité fantastique.
    Mes respects à votre équipe qui a agi très vite.

  12. James

    Much respect to this store .Their products are of high quality and sure to make more order here .


  13. Jacho

    Dr Buzz Pellets , is a great product for my research , i do really enjoy the quality i have been buying from this store .
    Researchers should use precaution when experimenting with Dr. Buzz Pellets because experimental findings can be very intense.


  14. Larry

    Dr Buzz Pellets (New), is strictly for laboratory use only and not for human consumption ,do really enjoy the result we had last time .

    Thanks ,


  15. Hunter

    Dr Buzz Pellets, est un excellent produit pour mes recherches. J’apprécie vraiment la qualité que j’achète dans ce magasin.
    Les chercheurs doivent faire preuve de prudence lorsqu’ils expérimentent avec Dr. Buzz Pellets car les résultats expérimentaux peuvent être très intenses.


  16. Marvin

    Thanks for the order , so pleased with the quality of the Dr Buzz Pellets .


  17. Lewin

    The Dr Buzz Pellets (New) contains a blend of 6-APB and nutmeg ,really the best using for your research , had the best results ,NB this products are strictly for laboratory use only and are not approved for human , we should try to stay healthy .


  18. Colby

    The Last Great Vendor
    I’ve ordered about 7 times from https://buyrcbathsalts.com over the last year and only had one pack not make it. Shipping times are usually top notch, never had to wait more than 7 days for a shipment. Quality chems at reasonable prices. I will continue to use https://buyrcbathsalts.com as my go to supplier .


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