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Ethylphenidate (also known as EPH) is a stimulant substance of the piperidine class that produces traditional stimulant effects when administered.

It is a closely related analog of methylphenidate (brand names Ritalin, Concerta). The two substances have very similar pharmacological mechanisms but discernible differences in their subjective effects with ethylphenidate often considered to be recreational.

Physical effects
Stimulation – Ethylphenidate is usually reported to be energetic and stimulating in a fashion that is distinct but much weaker than that of amphetamine or methamphetamine and stronger than that of modafinil and caffeine.

Appetite suppression
Vasoconstriction– Norepinephrine reuptake inhibition causes the sympathetic nervous system to constrict vessels and puts strain on the cardiovascular system with prolonged use.
Increased heart rate
Increased blood pressure
Teeth grinding

Cognitive effects
Focus enhancement – This component is most effective at low to moderate dosages as anything higher will usually impair concentration.
Euphoria – The euphoric rush associated with ethylphenidate use, as result of dopamine reuptake inhibition, is very short-lived and compulsive, similarly to that of cocaine.
Time distortion – This can be described as the experience of time speeding up and passing much quicker than it usually would when sober.
Thought acceleration
Analysis enhancement
Motivation enhancement
Increased music appreciation

Ethylphenidate is sold for research purposes only and is not be utilized for any other purposes.

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