Isopropylphenidate (IPD)

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Isopropylphenidate (also known as IPH, IPPH, and IPPD) is synthetic stimulant of the piperidine chemical class that produces stimulating, motivating, and focus enhancing effects when administered. It is a structural analog of the widely-prescribed ADHD medication methylphenidate and is reported to produce near identical cognitive and physical effects, albeit with less of a euphoric “rush” component and a drawn-out duration of action, properties that many find preferable for use as a study-aid or productivity enhancer.

Isopropylphenidate has been investigated for its potential use as a replacement for methylphenidate in the treatment of ADHD and related disorders.

Isopropylphenidate is a synthetic molecule of the substituted phenethylamine and piperidine classes. It contains a phenethylamine core featuring a phenyl ring bound to an amino (NH2) group via an ethyl chain. It is structurally similar to amphetamine, featuring a substitution at Rα which is then incorporated into a piperidine ring ending at the terminal amine of the phenethylamine chain.

These differences result in the substance having more notable dopaminergic activity than adrenergic activity compared to methylphenidate at equivalent effective dosages, and in the substance having a longer duration than methylphenidate and a greater potency than methylphenidate at a given dosage.

Isopropylphenidate is sold for research purposes only and is not be utilized for any other purposes.

15 reviews for Isopropylphenidate (IPD)

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