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Mexedrone is 100% legal across Europe (NOT including UK).

The chemical name is: 3methoxy-2 (methylamino)-1-(p-tolyl)propan-1-one or AKA: 4-mmc-oMe

Research Chemicals such as Mexedrone are for research only. Not human consumption!

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14 reviews for Mexedrone

  1. Otto

    Ich bin so zufrieden mit der Qualität von Mexedrone, die ich auf dieser Website bestelle.
    Ich werde diese Website allen meinen Freunden empfehlen und hoffe, dass sie die gleichen Ergebnisse erzielen.
    Vielen Dank,

  2. Warren

    It took me so long before discovering this site, being looking for a stimulant drug of good quality after buying the wrong products wasted much money . Thanks to Kelvin who introduce this site to me, Mexedrone i bought here is the best ever i have been looking for .


  3. Jay

    Mexedrone is my 2nd product ordering from this store, really satisfied with the quality .


  4. Melvin

    Si reconnaissant avec ce magasin, maintenant je vois pourquoi beaucoup de commentaires positifs ici.
    Je viens de recevoir ma commande et j’en suis très fier.


  5. Ron

    This is my 2nd order from this store and really impressed with it .



  6. Walter

    Really so grateful with the quality , the Mexedrone is of high purity and very pleased with it .

    Thanks ,


  7. Lucky

    I will personally award this store as the best store for research chemical in this century .

    They are just too good .


  8. Manfre

    If you are looking for quality ” Mexedrone ” , i will advise you here is the right place. This is my 3rd order i received today and the quality has never change ,98% purity .
    I personally recommend this website to every researcher looking for quality products.


  9. ALF

    Im Namen meines gesamten Teams danken wir Ihnen vielmals für Ihre Dienste, die hervorragende Qualität und die schnelle Lieferung.
    Ohne Ihren Online-Shop könnte ich mir nicht vorstellen, wie schwierig es für uns werden würde.
    “Mexedrone” ist ein großartiges Produkt.


  10. Benz

    Thanks for the great quality and fast delivery .
    I just made more demand for ” Mexedrone” you got the best quality.

    Thanks to this great store, has really helped me in saving money . With their quality products .


  11. Anthony

    Really appreciate the quality of the Mexedrone , was also equally nice paying with bitcoin .

    Thanks ,


  12. lucky

    Mexedrone ,is a stimulant drug, has been used by some of my friends to boost up their energy and keep them in the right sense in confidence , using it for research for long but since i came across this store, always been happy with all my order , they are the best in terms of quality .


  13. Jesus

    Mexedrone is my 3rd order here and all in good quality ,98% purity , i can now boldly rate you 4 star .


  14. Marcus

    This was my 5th order or so with them all went smoothly i really can say these guys do their job right now you just need to stock up nootropics tryptamines and more lysergamyds because its not long free in germany i think thanks for all.


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